Nick Ingman Hon Ram Hon LCM

3 times Grammy Nominee

Inducted into The UK Musicians' Union Hall Of Fame

3 times winner of the Brits Best Single of the Year (Will Young/S Club 7)




Tom Flint has written a very good article in January's edition of Sound On Sound about arrangers and orchestrators, wihich eloquently describes my role in the music world along with my colleague Sally Herbert


I have just finished working with composer Terry Divine King for whom I orchestrated and conducted a number of library tracks for Audio Network


I, and others, tutored Sir Michael Caine in the basics of orchestral conducting and he does very well in this role in his new film "Youth" where he conducts a forest as well as an orchestra!


I was delighted to hear from The Birmingham Schools Orchestra who have commissioned me to write an 11minute suite based on the Nutracker Suite but using melodies by the Beatles. Hopefully the performance will take place later this year.


It is good to hear that a track I scored the orchestra for, "No Way" by Gilbert OSullivan is getting very good airplay on the radio- he sounds just the same!









In the two fields in which I work, pop and film, my work process can vary from one extreme to another. As with all things, information is power, or in my case, information is the key to a successful project. When I am hired, whether as an arranger, an orchestrator or conductor, the amount of information I can get from the client will make my job harder or easier...

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a photograph of Nick Ingman

Nick Ingman is an established composer, arranger, orchestrator and conductor in the commercial music field who has worked with some of the most prestigious names in the world of entertainment.



For many years Nick has provided the backdrop to many iconic and high profile records and films. Often bridging the gap between the classical music field and the commercial area, Nick has brought his considerable experience to a number of successful projects. As well as working in the field, Nick's career has included starting one of the first Commercial Music Courses in the country at the Royal Academy of Music, and the number of his students who have gone on to have successful careers of their own, confirms his success as an educator.