In the two fields in which I work, pop and film, my work process can vary from one extreme to another. As with all things, information is power, or in my case, information is the key to a successful project. When I am hired, whether as an arranger, an orchestrator or conductor, the amount of information I can get from the client will make my job harder or easier......

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Nick Ingman was born in London. He attended schools in the city.

After school Nick's interest in pop and jazz lead him to attend the only college in the world at the time which dealt with non classical music, The Berklee College of Music in Boston, USA. Nick studied Arranging and Composition there for three years, whilst also attending a sandwich course at near-by New England Conservatory of Music. Some of the guest lecturers at Berklee included Quincy Jones and Gary Burton, as well as the future film composer ("The Simpson's") Alfred Clausen.


Returning to the UK in 1969, Nick was lucky enough to land a job as assistant to record producer Norrie Paramor. Norrie had been one of the most successful producers with EMI Records in the 50's and 60's.


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